PRECAUTIONS – Wash hands upon entering the studio before using any equipment and before leaving. If you touch your cell phone you must wash your hands before returning to exercise.

WELLNESS CHECK – We are always flexible with our cancellation policy to allow clients to feel comfortable when they need to cancel due to concerns of illness and general wellbeing.

TRAVEL AND SOCIAL CONTACT – Inform your teacher if you have traveled or attended functions that may have put you at risk for illness.

ENTRY AND EXIT OF THE STUDIO – Please do not loiter when your session is over, we ask that you limit crossover and interaction at the front of the studio to allow the next session/class to start on time.

PERSONAL TOOLS – We recommend that you have your own personal loops/handles, towel/mat and socks to use. Keep them with you and launder as needed.

PERSONAL PROTECTION –  Masks are a personal choice. Cover mouth when coughing or sneezing and wash hands before returning to exercise. If you would like your teacher to wear a mask please let them know in advance.


CLASS BOOKING AND CANCELLATION POLICY –  All Reformer Classes are booked through Sindro and must also be cancelled through the Sindro platform. We appreciate 24 hours notice cancellation on all Class Reservations, we ask that if you are not planning to attend your scheduled class that you let us know so that we can offer the space to another client. We require that you cancel your class reservation a minimum of 12-hours prior to class to avoid being charged.

POLICIES ON PRIVATES AND INDIVIDUALIZED BOOKINGS – We ask that you cancel any one-on-one or duet reservations with your teacher 24-hours in advance of your appointment or your reservation will be subject to charge.


Dress comfortably in yoga style workout wear; avoid loose baggy tops, pants or shorts. I try to keep the studio at a comfortable temperature, layering/un-layer is recommended. NO CLOTHING WITH BUTTONS, ZIPPERS OR ACCESSORIES THAT CAN DAMAGE THE EQUIPMENT. 

Socks are required, the ones with rubber grips are the safest and most efficient for Pilates work. Pilates is done without shoes, if you like to use “studio shoes” I require that you only wear them in the studio, not outside.

Long hair must be tied up with a soft hair-tie, please no sharp hair accessories as they may damage the equipment – hair-ties are available in the restroom if needed.

Remove your jewelry, It is recommended jewelry is removed, please store your jewelry in a safe place we cannot be responsible for loss of property.

No lotions or perfumes. We ask that you avoid wearing heavy lotions, oils, or perfumes during your workout. 

Cell Phones, must be silenced at all time in the studio.  If you must keep your cell phone near for an emergency it must be on vibrate. If you must take a call leave the Main Studio area and complete your call outside or near the restrooms to avoid interrupting other sessions or patrons.